MAB® (Management of Assaultive Behavior® General Certification – AB-508 Compliant)

Healthcare Provider Authorized Course
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This MABPRO® violence de-escalation program is an Official MAB® Certified Class and will cover the essential and trusted methods of crisis negotiation

Course Description

  • Upon completion of this course, the health care provider will understand and have the ability to recognize potentially dangerous situations and the tools to de-escalate the situation prior to any physical intervention or assault that personnel might be faced with when working within the healthcare setting, and will in most cases, prevent the need for any physical intervention. Physical intervention skills is also very important and covered during the course.

Course Content

  • Part 1 – Understanding the psychology of patients in relation to potentially dangerous situations, prevention and de-escalation prior to finding ourselves in a hazardous situation
  • Part 2 – In the event that the intervention becomes physical in nature, the program will then address the methodology to protect those in danger and defend oneself humanely and safely as well as how to help effectively manage the assaultive situation, individually and as a group.

Intended Audience

  • This course is especially intended for participants who provide health care to patients in a wide variety of settings including but not limited to Psychiatric Technicians, Behavior Health staff members, LVN’s, CNA’s, RN’s, Respiratory Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physicians and students.
  • This class is for individuals working within, or wish to work within the healthcare setting, employment for agency/registry work, or to secure traveling assignments. Attendees will receive their Certification Certificates instantly on the day of the training so that they can bring proof to their employers, or prospective employers that same day.

Course Duration

  • 4 hours

Course Completion


Certification Card and Continuing Education approved by the BRN and BBS (Board of Behavioral Sciences)

Receive all of the above on the same day!

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